Sharyn Underwood

Studio Owner, Teacher of Jazz

I have been a dance teacher for many years. In the past I have taught Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Gymnastics.

My main goal and focus right now is to teach American Jazz to a high standard. I am always looking for new challenges for my students and I believe working hard and also having some fun makes for a happy successful studio. Keeping up to date and fresh with the new dance styles is an important part of keeping students motivated today. I have a passion for dance and supporting young people in their careers in the dance industry.

As well as teaching American Jazz I have always enjoyed choreographing all styles of dance for items, cabarets and our bi-annual studio shows. The proceeds from our shows go back to the students. This money is used to further their dance education either by attending workshops or taking groups of students to Australia to gain experience by taking classes in many different styles.

Tori Rivers

Teacher of Ready Set Dance and Junior School

Tori Rivers was born and raised in Wanganui. From the young age of 5, Victoria started learning American Jazz with Sharyn Underwood. She sat all Jazz exams from Introductory Level 3 through to Advanced 2. In 2012, Tori graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary / Diploma in Educational Studies and has now been teaching, in both the primary and secondary sector, for 10 years. Tori is excited to be sharing her love for dance with the students at Sharyn Underwood School of Dance.