Can my child trial a class to see if she/he likes it?

We don't doubt your child will love our classes, but before committing to the enrolment process your child can have no obligation trial so you can be sure our classes are the right fit for your child.

Can I watch my child's class?

In our experience pupils are able to concentrate better without the distraction of other noise in the room from parents and other siblings.

‘READY SET DANCE’ parents may sit in and watch the first class to help settle their young child into class. There are special tactics to help ease your child into class so please don’t worry if it takes a few classes for them to settle. Once they do they’re not going to want to leave!

Do I need to purchase uniform and shoes?

All students must wear correct dance clothes and exercise correct grooming in all dance classes. All students are required to have the uniform within one month of commencing classes. Uniform not only enhances the student’s sense of importance as a dancer, but also empowers them to feel a sense of pride and ownership in their dance school and their dancing group. Complete uniform requirements which can be purchased at our studio are detailed in our info packs.

What do they wear to their first lesson?

Any singlet or t-shirt and shorts are is fine to get started if you are not sure about your child’s confidence to participate in the class. Sneakers and bare feet are acceptable until you are sure that your child will be continuing the class.

Is there parking on site?

We teach at two locations.

HOME STUDIO - 175 Great North Rd. You enter up the long gravel driveway, and there is parking outside the studio however these fill pretty quickly. Please be mindful of others when finding a park.

AMDRAM - 171 Guyton Street. There is parking outside Amdram, and also at the back by the Costume hire.

If we miss a class can it be made up on another day of the week?

Classes from Intro 1 and above may NOT make up classes on another day. Only ‘READY SET DANCE’ classes may swap days during Terms 1, 2 and 3 if you miss a class. In term 4 each READY SET DANCE class works on a different routine for the end-of-year concert so it is too confusing for the students and teachers to have students swapping classes.

Please note: If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.