The American Jazz Dance Affiliation Syllabus is structured on a progressional basis and starts in our studio at age five years in Introductory Level One and progresses through 12 levels to advanced Level Three.

The work fully trains the Student in all aspects of the basic ballet technique and the dynamics of technique required for American Jazz. The syllabus warm ups were devised by a New Zealand School of Dance Physiotherapist in conjunction with a Pilates Expert. They are designed to build great strength and are proven to be anatomically safe for all students.

The ultimate goal throughout the Syllabus work is to encourage performance, style and the sheer enjoyment of Dance.

We have several students that have only learnt the American Jazz Dance Affiliation Syllabus in Wanganui and have gone on to full time study at Performing Arts Schools in New Zealand and Australia. Many of these students are now in paid employment within the Dance industry.

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